Charles Darwin

5 Questions An Evolutionist Can Not Answer

How Did Nothing Turn Into Something?
(Speculation about how "something turned into something else" does not even touch the question.)

How Did Life Come From Non-Life?
(By the first law of science - a scientific impossibility)

How Did Millions of Life Forms Evolve With Absolutely No Evidence of Major Change?
(A few anecdotal examples of mutations do not explain the missing transitional forms in millions of generations of thousands of creatures.)

How Can A Watch Come Into Existence Without A Watchmaker?
(Not to mention DNA - the biological program which is beyond the combined complexity of all the computers on earth!)

How Did Thought Come From Non-Thought?
(The first thought definitely did not come from an evolutionist!)

Today's promoters of evolutionist thought have degenerated to the point denying that they even care about answering these questions. The origin of matter and the origin of life are explained in God's Word in the book of Genesis and are foundational to understanding anything about science and the temporal nature of the world we live in. (God's final destruction of all matter is foretold in 2nd Peter 3:12 and Revelation 21:1 Yes, matter CAN be both created and destroyed but only by the creator God!)

Belief that matter has always existed (and always will) is no less an act of faith than belief that God has always existed and always will exist. It is more logical to believe that an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, creator God has always existed than to believe that lifeless, blind, dumb, thoughtless matter has always existed or even that it somehow brought forth life.

You can be certain that if evolutionists could find even the feeblest theory pretending to answer these questions that they would offer it!

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